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>> The Founders of Blue Bird Products Australia Pty Ltd, Stefano Giannilivigni and his wife, Lucia Sanvincenti are no strangers to the food industry. Their experience together in the food industry spans almost 40 years. Stefano is a fully qualified and experienced executive chef as well as a pastry chef. From the day Stefano stepped off the boat from Italy and onto Australian shores, this great country of ours would be changed forever. Stefano's made his claim to fame was back in the late 1960's when he was the first chef to invent a garlic pizza in Australia, which is now renowned throughout the country. Lucia Sanvincenti, has extensive experience in running successful restaurants both in Australia and Italy. Her experience and understanding of antipasti and Italian cuisine is unrivalled. Their combined commitment to establishing Blue Bird Products Australia in 1999 has laid down the foundations for fine quality antipasti products for all to enjoy.

>> We are local producers and pride ourselves in the sustained quality of our product. The vegetables used in manufacture of our Antipasto range are mainly sourced from Australian markets and growers and are prepared fresh on a daily basis - only first quality produce is selected and used.

>> It is a big family down here at Blue Bird Products! All of our valued staff are highly trained in food hygiene. We have a training matrix where staff are constantly updated about new food hygiene techniques and related programs. We are always revising standards and strive to improve all aspects. Our Production Manager, Franco Schiavo is a qualified Chef with over 40 years' experience in food production and hospitality. Franco ensures that quality and taste are a priority, ensuring our clients always receive the best possible products.

>> At Blue Bird Products Australia, we endeavour to provide the best quality products and service to all our clients, big or small.

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